World-Class Grow Lights.

At excite, every day, we set ourselves a challenge – to make the best grow lights in the world. This is how we do it, to give you the best possible production efficiency.

Made in Europe. Engineered to excite.

We’re obsessive when it comes to making the best grow lights. That’s why all our design and engineering is conducted In-House. The results speak for themselves – with excite LED Grow Lights delivering the highest PPF/Watt ratios in the market packed in the most progressive design.

5 Years International Warranty – our LEDs last.

We put our new developments through a set of stringent testing processes. Every lamp that goes out of our production is tested for 24 hours to ensure endurance for more than a decade. And with a 5-year warranty you can trust us, too.



We only sell direct to you. No dealers, no middlemen. We have started selling directly to our customers since day 1. The result? The Best Grow Lights at the Best Price. For you.

Know the right amount of LED Modules.

Our Optimal Positioning & Photosynthesis (OPP) Guide helps you with that task. We’ve collected data from hundreds of setups with our systems. OPP analyses your data against our data to find the right distance and amount of lights to reach your desired PPFD and/or DLI. This isn’t guesswork – it’s science.

Direct Expert Support in your language.

Whatever your question, our Help Centre has information on. Can’t find the information you need? No worries, our international support team has the answer, in your language. Via phone or email. Because the best lighting and horticulture experts work right here – at excite.