Engineering and building excitement.

excite LED is a horticulture lighting manufacturer that has been engineering, manufacturing, researching and developing innovative systems since 2015. The professionals comprising excite’s expert team have combined their years of experience in the agricultural and lighting industry with vision, creativity and passion to bring LED plant lighting to the vanguard of modernity.


Swiss Engineering Made in Europe


Improving electrical, photometric and biological efficiency are our daily bread.

Through our customer feedback and in collaboration with industry experts almost every aspect of our products are critically reviewed, tested in order to exceed the highest standards. We are continually committed to the development of energy efficient horticultural lighting without sacrificing the safety and security of human and plant well-being, the environment and the economy. Our objective is achieved through the intelligent use of new technologies and a scientific understanding of the plant needs for different types of lighting in different environments.


Designed with purpose, created with passion.

excite LED

Premium Customer Service at excite means that our customers always come first. By always keeping an ear to the ground, and genuinely listening to what our clients have to say, we are able to tweak and fine-tune our products to the maximum efficiency. Meeting at the nexus of practicability, durability, and proven results, excite LED’s product lines bring the best in horticultural lighting tech to both leisure and professional growers. We know that satisfied customers are the key to our success. That’s why are always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Additionally, we always welcome comments on our social media pages. For more information about us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The transition from conventional grow lights to LED technology is a paradigm shift that is taking place at a rapid pace. For excite this means adding exceptional technological features apart from managing known criteria such as intensity and spectrum. With the advent of plant centric lighting, aspects such as the plant response and stress detection combined with the ability of the lighting to relief stress are at the core of our future innovations.

The team at excite LED has developed a high standard of indoor and greenhouse lighting. Rather than trying to make slight and meaningless improvements over the competition, they completely redesign the concept and reform the way things are done. The focus of our interdisciplinary approach is on plant yields and power savings alike.

“We are determined to delivering the best results by designing intelligent high-efficiency lighting.”