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Merits of Indoor Gardening (Part 1 of 3)

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Growing Indoors

We all appreciate the character, colour and invigorating qualities that plants add to your home or working space. Seeing the fresh growth and flowers of your plants fills you with feelings of vitality. The scent of fresh air or flowers enters your nose and you are transported to the wilds, all in the comfort of your own home. So why don’t we have more plants in our homes and offices if they make us feel so good? The answer is that they are a challenge to keep healthy; we forget to water them and have limited window space.

However, we at excite want to make growing beautiful plants and delicious crops an easy and rewarding experience. Our carefully designed grow lights enable you to grow your treasured plants anywhere indoors, so long as the temperature is suitable for the plant. Imagine the possibilities: a vigorous spider orchid on the bookcase, a mature and blooming cactus display in the dining room, carnivorous plants in the living room or fresh and tender salads and herbs on the kitchen counter. Not sure how to start? This guide will help you understand indoor growing and how to get started!

Why Start Indoor Gardening?

Having a garden, of any size, is an immensely rewarding experience. Besides the rewards of fresh, homegrown produce, gardens provide health advantages and a source of therapeutic recreation. Ask any gardener and they’ll tell you that nothing quite compares to the deep sense of well-being you gain from an afternoon invested in gardening. As it turns out, that sense of well-being isn’t just in their head – there is a host of documented emotional and physical benefits to gardening. Several studies have found that gardening helps reduce stress, reduces the chances of depression, and boosts self-esteem. A large Stockholm based study found that regular gardening cuts stroke and heart attack risk by up to 30% for those over 60. Another long-term study found that gardening also boosts brain health and decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s. So, in other words, gardening is great for your health and happiness!

Besides being a fun hobby, gardening can be a productive one. Control what you eat by growing your own all-natural, organic food. Nothing tastes better than fresh tomatoes, supple salads, rich potatoes or other vegetables and fruits that you grew yourself. Your cooking will taste that much better, and your delicious meals will induce the jealousy of all your friends through quality of ingredients. Plus, you’ll lower your exposure to the harmful agricultural chemicals and pesticides used on mass-produced fruit and vegetables. With indoor gardening, you don’t need an expensive plot of land or a greenhouse, and you can grow all year round, in an apartment or house, almost anywhere in the home! Winter or bad weather are no longer deterrents to successful gardening! City dwellers might find an indoor garden particularly satisfying in contrasting to the daily hustle and bustle of urban life by providing a relaxing space of contemplation and rejuvenation.

With a little research and a few tools, you can easily set up an indoor garden. The right combination of light, temperature and nutrients will ensure happy, healthy house plants and a thriving indoor garden.

Don’t wait to get started on the enriching adventure that is indoor gardening! Read more in the following part 2 of this article.

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