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iSpectrum 336W Bundle LED Grow Light

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  • Full Spectrum (PAR) LED Grow Light
  • 2-Channel Power Modulation: GROW & BLOOM
  • Coverage of 120 cm x 120 cm (4 ft x 4 ft) at medium intensity
  • Outperforms 600W HPS by yield and quality
  • More than 13 years lifetime when operating 16h per day
  • 5 years warranty & affordable lifetime service and spare parts
  • High-end components and high-end performance
  • Best value LED Grow Light, purchase direct from manufacturer

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Swiss Design
EU Manufacturing
International Warranty

With combined 336 Watts, the iSpectrum system brings an impressive number of photons to the plant canopy. The photon flux (PPF) of 872 μmol/s (2.6 μmol/J) provides high light intensities onto your plants and ensures high photosynthesis rates.

The iSpectrum LED is the choice of growers who need a powerful, energy-efficient, spectrum adjustable, waterproof LED grow light that delivers even and high PPFD onto and deep into the canopy.



A sudden change from dark to high light intensities leads to light stress in plants. The automatic soft-start smoothly increases light intensity, mimicking a morning sunrise and leading to reduced plant stress and improved overall plant growth efficiency. Without a soft start plants show stress response up to 45 minutes after ignition time. Our technology reduces the stress response by more than 80 percent, allowing your plant to focus early from the start on harvesting the light.

ispectrum4 grow light feature
0 .6

Suitable for low light and high light plants

Recommended for small to medium-sized environments



Hidden within the waterproof housing, our intelligent iSpectrum platform enables easy adjustment of GROW & BLOOM spectra and precise manipulation of your plant’s growth characteristics. Our world-class grow lights are the choice for professional growers who look for high yields and the ability to influence the phytomorphology.


Full Spectrum

The output spectrum (GROW & BLOOM) is specially designed for indoor environments, emitting a wide-banded light, rich in 430nm – 450nm, 530nm – 580nm and 620nm – 660nm wavelengths, which are the key wavelengths for optimal plant growth at all stages. Several light recipes are provided with the iSpectrum, guiding the user to the optimal spectral blend for several plants in their specific cycle.

ispectrum spectrum grow bloom

GROW Spectrum

GROW emits a full spectrum white light with a high portion of blue and promotes compact growth for seedlings, clones and young plants during vegetative growth. The high ratio of blue light reduces leaf size and internode length, making plants grow more bushy. When using GROW in the final stage of flowering, the terpene content in the plant can be significantly increased.

BLOOM Spectrum

BLOOM channel emits a wide spectrum with a high portion of red and deep red wavelengths. It produces a warm white light output that provides the ideal light for nearly all types of fruiting and flowering plants. BLOOM spectrum stimulates the flowering initiation and development of a wide range of plants. Using BLOOM on plants in vegetative stage, the stem growth is stimulated and plants grow with long internodal distance.

Intelligent Output Management

The iSpectrum engine allows you to adjust a variety of spectral blends mixing the GROW and the BLOOM channels. The ratio between the two spectra is intelligently adjusted: modify the FULL spectrum output with a higher amount of GROW or BLOOM. That will give you the ability to fine tune hundreds of spectral variants. Influencing the plant morphology effectively with a the GROW or BLOOM spectrum requires minimum PPFD levels to satisfy plant metabolism. Therefore the iSpectrum platform is programmed to deliver a high intensity in the single channel mode. Create effective photomorphological light recipes, improving yields, taste and look of your crop. 

GROW & BLOOM (FULL): 0 – 336 Watt @ max. output of 872 µmol/s
GROW: 0 – 336 Watt @ max. output of 776 µmol/s
BLOOM: 0 – 336 Watt @ max. output of 800 µmol/s

What's in the Box?​

4x iSpectrum LED Module
4x Hanging ropes
4x External power supply
4x 4m (13 ft) power cable
2x Rail System
User manual



PPFD Intensity Map

Distance iSpectrum+ LED

Recommended distance to plant canopy at full power:
15-35 cm for high light plants (coverage: 100 cm x 100 cm / 3.2 ft x 3.2 ft)
35-50 cm for low light plants (coverage: 160 cm x 160 cm / 5.3 ft x 5.3 ft)

Intensity in µmol/m2/s at 30 cm (12 in) distance to plant canopy

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 100 × 35 × 30 cm
Fixture Dimension

280 × 250 × 60 mm (11.0” × 9.8” × 2.4”)

Bundle Weight

14.4 kg (31.7 lbs)

Power Draw

0 – 336W

Intensity Adjustment (Dimming)


Photon Flux (PPF)

872 µmol/s


2.6 µmol/J

Wavelength Range



Aerospace-Grade Aluminum


Passive Cooling, Free Air Convection

Ambient Temperature

max. 38˚C or 100­˚F


100’000 hours (until L80)



Protection Class



5 Years

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